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Some words about Marion and Benjamin of Hofer & Hofer Business Photography:
Marions passion is arranging and decorating things. With her eye for colors she finds the best way to structure a picture. She loves each season for its speciality, but can‘t wait to welcome the next one. Marions new passion with the need for patience is the analogue medium format camera, with which she loves to shoot portraits.
Benjamin is in charge for the purchaising technical staff – like most men. After getting familiar with new topics, whenever needed, he is upgrading their equipment. Being very keen about details is helping espacially in his the field of videography, which Benjamin startet lately.
The two are living in and loving Vienna, cherish a warm day in the countryside as well as feeling the sand beneath their bare feet from time to time. For a short brake Marion and Benjamin are taking their two cats, Konrad and Akira, as a role model and enjoy the sun on their deck or cuddle under a blanket.